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Quatily & Finishing Details
Do you Color Match your Flowers to the Bride's Colors?
  We will do our best to match the colors of the wedding to the flowers. The only way to know the colors will look great together is sending a Swatch, otherwise computer monitors can be deceiving when comparing colors. We can make sure the colors will look great together and will compliment each other nicely, but exact matches are not always possible.
Do you do Custom Orders?
  Yes, we can customize ALL of our items. We can adjust our arrangements to meet your requirements or we can work on a  new design specially for you. We can work based on ideas, pictures or inspiration boards. What ever you need... You dream it, we make it!

Please visit our "Create a New Design" page for more information.
How are your Bouquets Finished?
  We include Ribbon in all of our Bouquets. Our default ribbon finish is a Ribbon Wrap with a Pearl Seam detail. Our default color is either Ivory or White or the designer's choice based on what would be the best look for your arrangements, according to your Flowers.

You can request different colors and ribbon designs.  You can also finish the stems with our Stem Jewels. Please visit our Ribbon Choice Page before making your selections.

We will use Scent Spray upon request.
How are your Boutonnieres & Corsages Finished?
  All of our Corsages will be finished with Ribbon and will be a Pin-On Corsage. They will come with a Pearl Pin.
You can request a Ribbon Wrap or a Wrap & Bow in an array of colors. Our default color will be either Ivory or White or the designer's choice based on your flowers.

You can UPGRADE any corsage to be done as a WRIST Corsages. This is done by using an elastic wristband or one of our many decorative wristbands. Please note that making a corsage into a wrist design will alter the shape of it. But we will use the same flowers and fillers than the original design.

Boutonnieres can be finished with Green tape or Ribbon Wrap and they will come with a Pearl Pin.

Magnets are available at an additional cost for both Boutonnieres & Corsages.
What Quality Flowers do you use in your Arrangements?
  We use realistic looking reproductions in an array of materials. We look amongst our suppliers for the best option available for each individual Flower and Color.

We work with Natural Touch, Soft Touch, Velvet Touch, High Quality Silk Flowers (Specialty) and Silk Flowers. Not all Flowers come in all types.
Whichever your flower choice is, we will use the best quality Flower available for your Color & Budget Choice. If you want to learn more about the quality and availability of our flowers, please visit our Natural Touch Section.