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Who gets a Corsage?
Wedding Corsages are usually given to Mothers and Grandmothers. And other members of your family or close friends, (Aunts, Attendants or Readers) that you want to acknowledge, they sometimes receive a Corsage as well.

Should they be different from each other?
Not necessarily. The Mother's Corsages most times will have something a little bit more elaborate, but they should all match. Having too many different designs could create a feeling of mismatch. Some differences are OK, but the more the Wedding Flowers look alike, the better the whole wedding party will look, specially in the Wedding Pictures.

We can customize all our Silk Wedding Corsages to match your Silk Bridal Bouquet and Wedding Flowers, just ask us! We can use Natural Touch Orchids, Callas, Hibiscus, Gerberas and Much More! We love Custom Designs as well and we can work based on your own designs and ideas!

We can also upgrade any Silk Wedding Corsage to a Natural Touch Option, or even add Bling to them like Rhinestones, Crystals and More! All of our Corsages include a Pearl Pin.

Most of our Corsages are designed as Pin-On Corsages, but all of them can be changed into a wristlet design. Doing this might slightly alter the look and position of the flowers.